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Why Is My Hair So D@MN Dry??!

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

The answer is simple... It's winter! Now is the perfect time to start protecting your hair from the elements. 

One way you can protect your hair is to forgo the wash & go. If you must wash your hair make sure it's thoroughly dried before going out in the cold weather.  Try to remember, anything cold expands including your hair shaft which leaves room for breakage. Also because your hair needs extra moisture during this time a light oil should be applied to dry hair nightly. Dry hair will soak up the oil giving you an extra barrier against the dry heat and cold wind. Silk lined scarfs and are a must! When wearing wool hats tie a silk scarf around your hair first and at night a satin bonnet along with the oil will help protect your hair as well as your pillowcases.

Follow my girl Terria @essenteecloset on FB & IG for custom printed roomy bonnets. (for us girls with the big fros)

Deep conditioning treatments

help replenish moisture loss due to dry heat at home or cold winter air.  Cold weather also brings dry scalp, for this, I recommend Mizani Scalp Care anti-dandruff system. The combination of salicylic acid and pyrithione zinc is a proven way to get rid of flaking, scaling, or itchy scalp.  In my opinion, Mizani custom blend is the greatest defense against winter weather. Custom blend is a customized salon exclusive treatment which keeps hair in optimal health with a balance of moisture and protein.

 I hope this info helped...

see you at your next appointment for your custom blend (*hint**hint*)

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