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The Real Deal about box color

"The color is how much??. Oh, nevermind, I will just do it at home."

I've heard this countless times from potential clients seeking that new popping color but not quite ready to invest the $$. As easy as it is to run to the beauty supply and buy a box of dye, it definitly wont be and easy fix.- or cheap. Color corrections can cost upward of $100+ per hour depending on the severity of the damage.

So here is the real deal on box color

Box color has unreliable results. You never know what you will get. Your hair never looks like the model on the box because it is one size fits all color. Its made to be used by every and anyone one regardless of your current hair condition. Most boxed dyes are formulated with higher concentrations of dye and developer. ( up to 40 vol) which result in unnecessary overprocessing. This causes your hair to become very dry and brittle. Also these dyes are made with metallic salts which are very difficult to remove from the hair.

Oh and that supurb conditioning they promise you? FAKE. It's normally a petroleum based waxy conditioner that coats your hair for the moment so you wont realize how damaged your hair truly is.

Try a professional

When you see a stylist for color a custom formula will be created based on your current hair color and condition. Plus you can relax, get pampered, and not have to worry about cleaning dye off your bathroom floor...

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