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RICE WATER IS ALL THE RAGE...but does it really work?


When it comes to hair growth, many of us are looking for instant gratification. From oils to vitamins we try them all. One recent trend to gain lots of online attention is rice water. Rice water is used instead of conditioner. Apply after rinsing your shampoo, leave on for 2o min then rinse.

Many women are reporting improvements in strength, texture, and especially growth. This is where it gets tricky. There is no scientific evidence that rice water actually makes your hair grow. In fact, there are very few topical treatments that are proven to grow hair. Mainly rogaine and prescription alopecia medications. The truth is, your hair growth rate is mostly genetic.

Although rice water won't make your hair grow faster, it can aid in length retention. Rice proteins can strengthen hair strands. It also contains starch and is packed with minerals and vitamins A and E that assist in keeping your follicles healthy. With continued use, rice water can treat dandruff, kill scalp fungus, and even kill and remove lice!

So in my opinion rice water can be an asset in your haircare regimen. It's definitely safe for at-home use and I back anything that can make your hair stronger and healthier. But remember, (aside from medical conditions) YOUR HAIR WILL GROW! just be patient and follow your hairstylist's advice.

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