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New Season, New Color

Every September I encourage my clients to try a little something new. Summer is winding down which means fewer BBQs and more time at the office. I recommend stepping into fall with a new color!

There are a few options when it comes to picking a new color.

Color Gloss

A shine treatment that produces a subtle change in color. Its also used to reduce brassiness, split ends, and bring out your natural undertones. Gloss can be used on virgin or previously colored hair.

Single Process

A color that is applied all over in one step, whether permanent or highlights. This option is the most popular.

Double Process

When your hair is lightened more than 2 levels then a gloss is added to achieve the desired color.

Fashion Color

A direct dye that is used to create the fun rainbow of colors we see on some people. Bold bright colors like purple, pink, and lavender. The hair needs to be lightened to a pale yellow (almost white) for optimal results.

If you're bored with your hair and ready for a change come on in and see me.


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