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My Baby Took My Hair!!

A new baby brings pure love and happiness right?? But what about when that happiness comes with a side of hairloss? Recently a client came into the salon freaking out because her hairline was gone! It was a classic case of POSTPARADUM ALOPECIA.

This type of hairloss is normal and temporary. Its actually excessive hair shedding caused by falling estrogen levels.

Hair grows in 3 cycles:

1. Growth

2. Transition

3. Resting (shedding)

During pregnancy phase 3 is prolonged by your hormones. About 3-4 months after delivery you may begin to notice moderate to excessive shedding. No need to worry, you dont have to do anything special, hair usually returns by the baby's 1st birthday.

Here are a few tips to try while you wait it out:

  • Watch out for strands of fallen hair that may wrap around the baby's fingers or toes. This can cause infection.

  • If you have fine hair use volumizing shampoo and a light conditioner.

  • Skip blowdrys, flat irons, and chemicals.

  • Try a new hairstyle

1. change your part

2. Add texture/curls

3. Try headbands, scarfs, or headwraps

Lastly, continue taking your prenatal vitamins and eat well.

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