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Its The Most Wonderful time of the year

...for protective styling. The best way to shield your tresses from the winter elements is to try a protective style. Protective styling

  1. reduces manipulation of your hair.

  2. reduces knots and tangles.

  3. protects the ends of your hair.

  4. encourages growth retention.

When deciding on a style, choose styles that requires little to no manipulation.

Low manipulation styles include twist/braid outs , buns, or rolls. Cornrows, crochet, twist, box braids, wigs, and weave are examples of no manipulation styles.

Your hairstyle is only one part to the protection. Focus on your entire regime to incorporate more protection across the board. Your style should last between 3-6 weeks. It should also protect your ends and prevent pulling. Moisturize your hair every other day while in braids or twist. (try using a mixture of water, oil, and leave in conditioner in a spray bottle). Remeber to protect your hair at night with a silk/satin bonnet or pillowcase. Diet also matters, drink plenty of water and eat your veggies, you will be on your way to longer hair in the spring!


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