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Exercise VS. YOUR HAIR...

The new year is in full swing and its oficially 17 weeks until memorial day! That info should be all the motivation we need to start working on those summer bodies. The #1 question for women embarking on a new fitness journey is, "what about my hair?!" I have compiled a list of tips and tricks to get you through.


If your hair is relaxed you can wrap your with a silk/satin scarf prior to your workout. (pixie cuts use a mesh wrap). Keep your scarf on until your hair is completly dry. Hit it with a blowdryer if needed.


For the weave wearers, try a high topknot minus the scrunchie to avoid dents. Two cornrows work as well and keep your hair out of the way.

*Tip* Use dry shampoo on your roots before or after your workout to help absorb sweat.


There are a few more options for my natural girls. Protective styling is key! Box braids, cornrows, marley twist, fauxlocs etc all are great ways to keep your hair in tact. Another option is to cowash after your workout or leave your nightime twist in until your workout is done.

*Tip* Spritz your hair with argan or olive oil + water to rejuvenate hair, reduce frizz, and sweeten the smell.


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